xtopia miniatura

location_Barrio del Pilar, Madrid
team_Mónica Lamela
type_University Project
date_June 2013

The aim of the project is the redefinition and rehabilitation of a block of 16000sqm. 55 towers of houses built during the 60s, located in Madrid, in a district with important social differences. Analising the district, what got my attention was this two contradictory “facades”: the rich and peaceful facade, represented by the shopping center “la Vaguada” which is considered the heart of the disttrict; and the corrupted and dangerous  facade, in which the district turns once the night comes adn the shopping center is closed.

Whlie “La Vaguada”, according to focault, can be described as a “space of compensation”, reflecting all the perfections that are otherwise ausent in the district, the new intervention represents a completely antagonic reality: a “space of ilusion”, which reflects all the perverse realities that exist in our society, but  that we try to hide.

The two parks that sorround the site turn during the night into dangerous places, affecting the semi-public spaces inside the block. A “perverse ring” is introduced inside the block, reaching the exterior perimeter only in two situations, which will be the only two entries into this new world of perversion. The ring faces the two parks, collecting their perverse flow.

The ring will adapt to the existing topography of platforms, affecting all the towers of houses it touches. It creates therefore a new typology of housing: “the perverse house”. A new spatial concept is developed, according to the fragmented life style of the habitants of our actual society, rejecting the tracitional meaning of “house”. Our house is no longer only our private space, but our daily life is divided in fragments of urban life. Our house is therefore each of the spaces we visit, changing every day, hour or week. The traditional división between private and public is nowadays obsolete.

The new programme is defined through a study of perverse situations that exist  around the world and using the literature procedure of metonymy: a new meaning will be given to existing names, according to their perverse connotations. A manifesto is written, where the cualities that define a perverse space are stablished. Each programme will be associated to a gradient of perversion, according to how they adjust to the manifest. The gradient of perversion will define the spatial qualities, as well as the location and accessibility.

Fragmentation and spatial drift are the two spatial concepts that will define the new perverse world. A space without logos, where order is replaced by the experience of spatial sequences. Only those that know the “game rules” will be able to orientate themselves inside this new perverse world.


115 Días – MAPAA