Standort_Gando, Burkina Faso
Team_Mónica Lamela, Carlos Canella y Samuel Perea
Type_Workshop mit PKMN und Francis Kéré
Datum_März 2014


“Micro-atmospheres” proposes an architectural prototype, which is able to hold the daily life scenes of Gando, opperating with flexibility in terms of space, time and climate.

Bioclimatical clay chimneys that allow air circulation, improving the thermal confort during the dry season; working as a water harvesting system during the rainy season. Those elements are dispossed in a grid, defining a gradient of densities according to the different hypothetical scenes and encouriging social interaction. They turn therefore into “programmatic racks” that with their differences in scale conform a variety of atmospheres.

The roof opperates in the same way. A lightweight steel structure pierced by the chimneys, that disappears over the public space, and becomes translucent when the programme underneath requires it. The connection between both layers is solved by an reinforced-clay that stands on the upper section of the chimneys, holding the steel truss structure. An illusion of a suspended roof over the massive elements is created.

A forest of clay chimneys, a place for interaction, a women-community center in a rural area of Burkina Faso.

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